BREAKING!!!: Former DSS Director, Amachree Reveals People Who Give Lawal Daura Orders

A former Director at the State Security

Services (SSS), Dennis Amachree, has sought to clarify some of the speculations, surrounding the sacked Director-General of the agency, Lawal Daura, and who he took orders from following the siege on the National Assembly on Tuesday.

Amachree, who retired from the DSS as Assistant Director (Investigations & Intelligence) in 1999, stated on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, that Daura can only take instructions from President Muhammadu Buhari or vice president, Yemi Osinbajo.

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“DSS don’t take directive from anybody except the President or the Acting President, so for DSS to take directive from an opposition party or somebody else is not correct.

“The leadership of an intelligence agency should know that there is what they call ‘separation of powers,” he said.

This follows allegations that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, is behind the siege on the National Assembly.



source: nai

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING!!!: Former DSS Director, Amachree Reveals People Who Give Lawal Daura Orders

  1. But this man is old and mature enough to knows what and what to do, but because of their evil agendas, they go by the ways of who are you. Then he landed himself in trouble. Let the game beggings.

    CabalsMustGo for Nigeria to grow.

    As for me i like what is going on, its for Nigeria to develope from the hands of the wicked leadership. Baba Buhari i give you my support come 2019.

  2. Saraki’s ambition is NOT tied in with the ambition of the country. He wants to be President on behalf of his late father who couldn’t do it for the family while alive! The son wants to complete his father’s business or agenda to earn fatherly blessings… It has nothing to do with the nation. Even when they ran the SGBN, it was the family’s interest first, and that was why they never lost a dime when the bank went under…

  3. Look , this guy is not better than any citizen of this country. We should stop celebrating thieves and killers in this country. We need to start asking our leaders questions how they got their ill gotten wealth at the detriment of the entire nation. Are they born with two heads ? they are not created differently from others. We should all support the ideology of BUARI to stop this rubbish in this nation.

  4. Only the blind and or Insane person will attribute what happenned to Saraki, people talk ignorantly as if they dont see anything. We have all seen what happened in Ekiti and has been happening to Senators against Buhari including the Madness by the IGP yet you call Sarakis name instead of Buhari. Nemesis will sure catch up with any evil does including the IGP

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