BREAKING!!!: ”Saraki will be Senate president for four years, nobody can impeach him – Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye says Bukola Saraki, will remain senate president and that nobody can impeach him.
Reacting to calls for his resignation by APC National chairman, Adams Oshiomole, Melaye in an interview with Channels TV last night, said the ruling party cannot impeach Saraki because they do not have the required number of senators to impeach him. Oshiomole at different press conferences, insisted that Saraki should resign or be impeached since he has defected from the ruling party to PDP.
After watching a clip of the press conference where Oshiomole made the call for Saraki’s resignation, Melaye said
”My reaction to this noise I just watched is when you drink don’t speak and when you speak, don’t drink because no intellectually mobile Nigerian who finds himself in the seat of a National chairman of a party, will speak in a very myopic, porous and intellectually stagnant manner.
Senate President Bukola Saraki will be there for four years. I want to assure you that they can’t and will never have the number to remove the Senate President.
Unfortunately, Adams Oshiomhole as an individual has no vote either to keep Saraki in office or get him impeached. When he said that it’s a crown, that the crown belongs to APC; I want to educate and inform him that the Senate Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not a title. It is not hereditary, you don’t beget it. it is for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It does not belong to a political party, it does not belong to a family, it is not a kingship or an emperor type of thing,” he said

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