BREAKING !!!: See Another NYSC Certificate Signed By Same Ex DG In March ’09, But Left In Jan ’09

Segun Yakubu Haruna ��

8h8 hours ago
Former DG of NYSC Yusuf Bomoi left his post in January of 2009. I finished my NYSC in March, 2009. My certificate is carrying Yusuf bomoi signature same as the one on @HMKemiAdeosun certificate. @PremiumTimesng is my certificate fake too?

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source: nai

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING !!!: See Another NYSC Certificate Signed By Same Ex DG In March ’09, But Left In Jan ’09

  1. Dear SegunYHaruna,
    If that is the case in your NYSC Certificate, then it is an illegal certificate.
    How can someone who is NOT in the position of assignment sign an invalid certificate for you to be a valid NYSC certificate?
    Did DG of NYSC Yusuf Bomoi sign it from his home/house, while not in an official assignment in the office?
    NYSC should also be aware of some of the forged certificates that some Nigerians are having and displaying, used for gainful employment, while those who served do not have the opportunity to work in same Nigeria, simply because some wrong people are occupying the right positions.
    I want to use this opportunity to say openly that I was born in 1967, schooled and finished in 1989, in Nigeria, served in 1989 – 1990 in Jos, B/Tech. Q/S and I don’t have a good in Nigeria, and somebody who had Diploma from the UK, without serving the country as specified in NYSC Act has come to occupy the right position that someone who serves the country should have occupied and on fully being aware that it’s wrong she went back to forge the NYSC certificate for himself/herself and people are feeling happy that he/she is smart in doing that to other Nigeria. What is the precedence record set to other young Nigerians coming up today, like her daughters/sons?
    Now you, Segun Haruna, in an attempt to support her have come up to say that your certificate was also signed by the same who had left the position as the Director of NYSC, but stayed at home to be signing NYSC certificates for other bad Nigerians, like you and some others ones yet to be known. Was there no other Director of NYSC appointed during the period that the Director left the position?
    To me, all the people that employed previously and recommended her for employment should be prosecuted, like the governor and all other Nigerian companies who employed her are all in corrupt sharp practices and looting of state and Federal government money for illegal appointment/employment.

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