Fayose Reacts To President Buhari Saying That Nigerian Youths Don’t Like To Work

Ekiti state governor,

Ayo Fayose, has reacted to the statement made by President Buhari that many Nigerian youths just want to sit down and do nothing, believing that Nigeria is an oil-rich nation and that their needs will somehow be met by the government. President Buhari said this while speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster today April 18th.

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2 thoughts on “Fayose Reacts To President Buhari Saying That Nigerian Youths Don’t Like To Work

  1. Buhari is right, how many youth in niger delta/hausa land goes to school,it seems most of you dont know what we call been educated, is not about going to school to have degree, it about what you can offer and and how you carry yourself, education is what is left with after you have graduate not not your paper certificate, we have interviews upper credit distinction who cannot read and cannot right properly how. Today how of the youth are seriously reading for waec and degree all they do is what i call special center and helping handsAyo fayose are you educated,if you are you will not a tout gove

  2. David osho you said you said you interviewed some graduates but yet you can’t write proper sentence take a look at your write up read them carefully are you qualify to interview or pass judgement to anyone you interviewed you are also part of those your talking about so please vacate ……….

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