”Fight corruption on your nose” Ex President Obasanjo tells President Buhari



Few weeks after releasing his explosive letter asking President Buhari not to seek re-election in 2019, former president Olusegun Obasanjo has launched another attack on President Buhari. This time he has asked President Buhari to fight the corruption on his nose.


The Nation reports that the former present in an interview with German International Broadcasting outlet, Deutsche Welle, said the fight against corruption cannot be executed when there is corruption within the corridors of power. He said the anti-corruption campaign by the present administration has been marred by people in President Buhari’s inner circles.

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He said if he was the president, “I would make sure people in charge of anti-corruption institutions are people of integrity. There is no point in fighting corruption beyond you and you have corruption on your nose.”


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On his newly formed movement, Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM), the former president said the movement will truly help Nigerians to move away from the old order of politics and into a new age where the interests of the citizens are truly represented.


It (Coalition for Nigeria) is not an old wine in a new bottle, but a new wine in a new bottle. I will not stand in the way of that movement if it decides to become a party. But in that case, I will withdraw.” he said




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One thought on “”Fight corruption on your nose” Ex President Obasanjo tells President Buhari

  1. OK Baba! Now I will support your 3rd term bid. We cannot easily forget the legacy you left at ASO VILLA. As Abacha appointed Buhari to manage PTF so I call upon President Buhari to remove Magu and make Obasanjo the substansive chairman of EFCC. There will be a speedy confirmation the Senate. So please Mr President , set a …….. to catch a thief.

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