Former Actress, Regina Askia-Williams Bags Nursing Degree At Wanger College In United State – PICS


51-year-old Regina Askia-Williams, a former Nollywood actress, and beauty queen turned nurse has bagged a nursing degree from the Wagner College in New York, United States, on Friday, May 11.

Now a family nurse practitioner Askia-Williams shared the news with excitement on her Instagram handle. She said: “And today, it was a wrap at the Family Nurse Practitioner Program commencement ceremony. Yes kids, yes we did. We thank God for all his blessings, big and small.”

She’s added this new feather to an already crowded hat. Askia had won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 1989, was a pacesetter as a Nollywood actress and in 2005 she hosted a fashion show at the Nigerian Embassy in New York City to raise awareness for the plight of children’s social amenities in Nigeria. The veteran is an educational activist, television producer, writer, public speaker and a family nurse practitioner. Looks like she has a winning streak or perhaps a great hard worker who has been successful with the rare combination of achievements in different fields.

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