I Want To Marry Her, But I Am Having A Second Thought Because Of Her Mom

My fiancee and I have been in a relationship

for 5 years now. I met her since she was in secondary school. We both love each other and she is very nice, loving and supportive too.

We have talked and started planning on settling down and that should before the end of the year but I am beginning to have a second thought.

The problem is not my fiancee but her mom. The woman is very nice and welcoming but lately, she did something that I am not comfortable with. Last week she sent me a text asking for financial assistance. That her daughter (my fiancee) is yet to pay her house rent at school and that my fiancee younger brother is yet to pay his registration fee. And so she had asked me to loan her some amount before the end of the month when she will remit it. That she considered me a son and that’s why she confided in me. I later sent her SMS that I don’t have anything.

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I was like why would she asked me for loan when her daughter never asked for one naira in our Five years of relationship? So my fear is, should I marry her daughter, wont she trouble me with further demands? Please is there anyway around this? Please what do I do?


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2 thoughts on “I Want To Marry Her, But I Am Having A Second Thought Because Of Her Mom

  1. Haba, why are you like this? Just one request and you want to run. Are you sure you are ready for marriage. She asked for a loan not a grant. I beg do the needful. When you get to the other bridge of her demanding for money after the wedding you wil cross it. But for now, please go ahead with the wedding plans.

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