“I’m 36, My Mum Says My 39-Year-Old RCCG Born Again Fiancée Must Get Pregnant First”

Nice again to be hear. Please I need advice from anyone that can give me on this issue bordering me..

I’mm a hard working self employed man of 36years and my fiancee is 39years.. We both are graduates and M.sc holders from uniport. ..

We have known selves since 2014 and told my parents in 2016 that its her I want to get married to.. They all accepted her upon meeting her and sat, January 6, 2018 was fixed for introduction… I was so happy and was in high spirit… Then come on Saturday morning, my mum called a meeting, with dad, grand mum, two of dad sisters, 2 kindred men, my immediate younger sister and brother…

My marriage issue was raised as topic and mum insisted on the age of my fiancee and said she must get pregnant first before us or myself would go for any introduction….

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She was supported by 2/3 of the people present at an early morning meeting called by 4am on the same Saturday i had told my fiancee my people were coming…..

The meeting went and ended in a disaster and mum called my fiancee to cancel the introduction insisting she first get pregnant…

Please, what do you guys think I should do as my fiancee is a born again Christian with RCCG….

The issue of first takingbinnholds no place in their church doctrine…its after the wedding …am a catholic….am in love with my woman and am not backing down….am confused and don’t know what to do now…someone should please advice me….please


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6 thoughts on ““I’m 36, My Mum Says My 39-Year-Old RCCG Born Again Fiancée Must Get Pregnant First”

  1. Go back into prayer so that the Lord God will open your mother’s eye to the real truth and stop delaying you further. If she gets pregnant and the pregnancy drops after wedding, what will she do? God is the giver of life and if you fail to do it His way, there is a rick of Satan biting. The Bed must be undefiled.

  2. Man, you need the support of your family to fully enjoy your marriage. Your mum’s reason may be out of place, but she made that decision based on the age of your fiance. She wants to be sure she would give her grandchildren.
    It is a very difficult situation looking at the ideology of your wife, but I advise that two of you sit down and figure a way out. Good luck

  3. Forget about the doctrine of RCCG but follow exactly what the Bible say, Marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled Heb. 13:4
    The standard of the Bible is what Redeemed believed and practice which made it a doctrine.
    In as much as you love your wife to be, support her and cliff to her and shun every must do act which tomorrow may affect your home.

    Bible says in Gen. 2:24 – 25 that a man shall “LEAVE” his “father” and “mother” and “CLEAVE” unto His wife, two of them shall become one” meaning that you must always agreeing with your wife (disagree to agree) and vice versa.

  4. The issue is simple this is the time to know who is and who will be controlling your new home either God, your mother or yourself. If it is God follow God and trash things out with him in prayer, if it is your mother follow her advice (but this reminds me of one couple (born again Christian) sometimes ago that follow such advice the wife was pregnant before marriage gave birth to the baby but eventually died and became barren for years until they confess their sins (it is sin not because of doctrine but because word of God call it Sin) or Yourself (depending on who is controlling you either God or Satan), the ball is left in your court decide.

  5. Think of God first before any human being. Don’t offend God. Then take charge of your marriage. Your mum is important but she cannot determine your marriage. Have you thought critically about the reason for her action and the possibly impact of the reason on the proposed marriage? Will you be ready to continue in the marriage when her fears come true? Meditate before taking decision but don’t sin

  6. Jesus is the determinant of every marriage live by every details of the scripture for a successful home. man is always limited but unlimited can never fails. pray earnestly for God to open your parent eyes that they may understand the misery of the scripture marriage is honourable but bed undefile. it is a wind it pass bye. wishing success and all the best in Jesus Name. shallom

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