Linda Ikeji Is Finally Engaged To Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Guys, Linda Ikeji is engaged!

This time around, it’s not a guess, not a rumour. It is real.

Linda Ikeji’s fiance is not one to bare too much of himself to limelight.
According to a very reliable source Big Sam of BroadwayTV, Linda Ikeji’s husband-to-be used to be her ex-boyfriend. He had relocated abroad and was based abroad before he finally relocated back to Nigeria. The two reconnected again and picked up from where they stopped..

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There were rumours Linda Ikeji was engaged earlier this year. Linda would later shut the rumours down by posting a photo of her ring finger and said:

“Ring finger still bare. . The pressure to marry…Lol. It will just hasn’t. ”

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The story then too was that the 37 year-old media mogul was keeping her engagement news under wraps but her would-be husband was too excited to keep it a secret. And that the preparations for the wedding was already on the way.

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Linda has also admitted that she’s under “intense pressure” to find a husband. At a point, she said she was fed up of being constantly prodded by “family and friends” to get married.

Our source, who is a very close friend to Linda Ikeji, says this time, Linda Ikeji’s engagement is so true.

Big congratulations to her.

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source: nai

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