Meet The Nigerian And The Only Black Member Of Governing Body At A UK University

Meet Dr. Obinna Ebirim, the young

Nigerian man who is making the country proud both home and abroad especially in the United Kingdom. According to confirmed information obtained by National Helm, Dr. Obinna who holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Port Harcourt – is a postgraduate governor and a member of board of governors at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Scotland.

According to reports, Obinna, is the first Nigerian and only black man to currently hold such post (member of governing body) at the prestigious university in the UK.

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Due to his striking humility and nature to positively affect those around him, the former personal Assistant to Commissioner of Health in Imo state, Dr. Obinna had to take a part-time job as a kitchen assistant in the United Kingdom just to make some extra bucks despite his qualification as a medical doctor in the UK.

Dr. Obinna Ebirim is also a fellow of the United States Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders and is currently a senior program officer for International Vaccine Access Center projects in Nigeria.

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He also volunteers as a medical doctor in his church’s free sickbay for poor parishioners. Obinna is founder of the Impact Driven Young Leaders Initiative, a member of All Progress Youth Forum, and content developer for YALI Network Abuja.

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Obinna is a recipient of many awards including Glitz Award Student Activist of the Year 2010, Timiwest Oyins Integrity Award for Innovative Leadership 2011, Association of Resident Doctors UPTH Medical House Officer of the Year 2012/2013. He is a member of Nigerian Medical Association and also the ruling political party in Nigeria – All Progressive Congress.

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