“My Best Friend Is Planning Marriage With My Ex-Boyfriend Whom I Aborted For”

Please Candid advise needed.

On the 8th Dec. 2017, I was gisting with my Best friend (we have been friends now for 17years) about a guy I dated for 7years. We parted ways because he was a chronic womanizer and was not ready to change. I have caught him on several occasions with other women in action; I have cried myself to sleep because of his actions and in-actions. His actions affected my grades while in school. my relationship with him was well known by his family and mine. The relationship almost caused me my life during an abortion I did for him; he never abandoned me, he was with me thru the ordeal. He is a loving fellow that can do anything for me and defend me anywhere. He can go Xtra miles to please me but that does not stop him from cheating on me. The emotional trauma was becoming too heavy for me to bear, I quite the relationship.

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Back to my friend. On this particular day, we decided to search the guy on Facebook, we saw him and my friend sent a friend request. He accepted the request the same day and they started chatting. He requested for her mobile number which she gave to him and they started talking on the phone. The guy requested to meet with her during Xmas as we are all from the same locality. She agreed to the request even though she knew she will be traveling home. I was still in the picture of their discussion at this stage.

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On the 22nd, my friend travel to spend the Xmas with her brother’s family in the West while I traveled to our Hometown in the North Central. We constantly speak on the phone and she never mentioned her communications with my Ex again. Only for her to call me yesterday that she has changed her travel plans. She has traveled back home on the request of my Ex to meet him in our hometown; they have met and he has introduced her to his family and she has done same and both families accepted them. Their wedding has been fixed for March 2018. She said she has asked my EX to call me

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She called this morning to asked if my Ex had called to inform me of his intentions to marry her. I said NO. She said my Ex said he does not have the courage to talk to me.

I feel betrayed by my friend’s actions. I have a lot of friends that know my Ex and I and also know me and my Girl friend.

Please I need Candid advise on her to handle this issue


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4 thoughts on ““My Best Friend Is Planning Marriage With My Ex-Boyfriend Whom I Aborted For”

  1. He is not meant for you move on don’t care abt what people will say cos they will surely do. Identify what you want and go for it.a

  2. my dear there is noting you can do abut it just let them be and wish them luck the guy was not urs God only use you to connect the two of them,
    be live me when your time come your own man will show up just pray and wish them well

  3. You should learn to let go. U quit d guy, it should not matter to you who he dates or marry. Your best friend didn’t do anything wrong, she only value things differently from you. You were right to have left him and she is right to have him because despite been best friends his womanizing character didn’t discourage her. Forget all this, you knew from d start she befriended him on facebook. What else did u expect out of their friendship? You women should learn to fear God abeg

  4. The truth is he is already your ex, why do you give yourself headache. You are just an instrument to connect your friend ( that’s her husband not yours) May God provide yours. Don’t feel betrayed, she did not betray you in any way. The man was no longer yours.

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