My Mother-In-Law And My Wife Undermine Me

Hello all

I am not new to here.

I am more than fed up with my mother in law and my wife, I think they are undermining me. Recently my mother in law went to visit my mum who was in another state with my eldest brother because we lost someone in the family, she spent a night there, she never told me before going, even while there, she never told me she was there, she came back almost 4 days now, she still did not tell me. Although my brother told me the day she came.

She also told my wife- her daughter about the journey, but this was only when she arrived. My wife told me about the journey, and I asked my wife why did her mother do that, she said her mother was of the opinion that if she tells any of us, we may not allow her to go. I try to tell my wife that it even makes it worse, she flared up and started getting angry and saying different things. I was not surprised because she always quarrels anytime I try to express my feelings over issues like that.

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Now the big story is that before now, in the past 18 months my mother in law has been avoiding my calls, reason being that my wife did some nasty things, she heard of it, she was not sure of the action I would take, she told her pastor to call me, I got talking with the pastor, the pastor was trying his best to resolve the issue, at a time my mother in law wanted to manipulate the pastor against me, the man stood his ground- God bless him. My mother-in-law so scared the pastor will tell me about the manipulation she wanted to carry out started avoiding me and the pastor till now. we only spoke on those three occasions because they were Easter, Christmas and New year. I am already thinking of telling my wife to go and marry her mum because they are the same thing.

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I am seriously thinking of making a huge trouble out of this to drive home the point that I am not as weak as both of them think. Especially for a woman that keeps threatening me with divorce and insults me at will, and a crafty mother in law who is only interested in herself and her daughter…


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