“My Wife Still Sends Pictures To Her Ex Boyfriend, I Am Heartbroken; I Want Divorce”

Heart Broken I Feel Cheated Despite Showing Her So Much Love

My wife still communicate and send picture to her former boy friend. even after i have warned her

This year March, I traveled outside Nigeria to look for greener pastures and I came back home by December I and my family was happy until when I saw I love message she has always sent to a certain man and i was angry. I questioned her. she said she was joking with the man and I told her that I am not happy about it. She promised not to do it again, I was able to read her message because we exchanged our phone and her messenger was in my phone.

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Some days after, when I was ready to go back to my base, we prepared and she accompanied me to the park where i boarded a vehicle to Lagos and she went back home, while I was in the vehicle I notice a message from the messenger it was I love message from the guy and my wife responded the she love her to and they communicated and exchanged pictures.

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I am heart broken I never knew that she could continue cheating on me. I asked her who was the guy she is charting with she told me that he is a colleague that he is making some inquiry. My wife lied to me. Before I could take the screenshot she has deleted the messages. I want to divorce her for this but we have 3 kids they are very young 6, 4 and 2 years how will this kids cope?


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3 thoughts on ““My Wife Still Sends Pictures To Her Ex Boyfriend, I Am Heartbroken; I Want Divorce”

  1. don’t divorce her if u still love your home please prayer is the key, no home is perfect, if possible try and contact the guy,

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