“Nnewi Guys Prefer Yahoo Yahoo” – Joe Igbokwe’s 10 Reasons Nigerian Youths Are Lazy


1. A research carried out at NNAMDI Azikiwe University Awka Anambra State found out that Students spend more time doing some funny things on the Internet than focusing on their books.

2. In the 90s I had some two Children of close family members in my house. They were about writing their WEAC Exams but I did see them for one day reading for the exams. When I confronted them they said ‘ Uncle do not worry we will pass’ They ‘passed’ and today they are ‘graduates’ but I know they are not.

3. Today in Nigeria if you want a good carpenter, Tiler or POP man you need to get the Togolese, Camerounians, Ghanaians to do the job.

4 I have met Mothers who are ready to give anything including their bodies for their Children to get admission into Universities and even to pass common entrance exams.

5 For years I have pleaded with some of the young people I know to go to learn a trade and even when I succeeded in getting them places to learn something they usually run away to go and continue to beg.

6 I have met many of our young people who said they went to university and when you engage them you will discover instantly that they are fake graduates who are not employable and yet they will tell you there are no jobs.

7 One of my brothers spent good money to get his wife who claimed to be a graduate a teaching appointment. He pushed and pushed until one day he was invited by the man who wants to help him. My brother was shocked to the marrows when the man told him that the woman should return to class one in Secondary School and that she knows nothing.

8 In the South East today hundreds of young men have been brutally killed in drug related offenses in South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and other Countries. Some sell their Kidnies to raise money. Give these young men a job of 200k a month they will just laugh at you.

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9 Today in NNEWI where I come from it is difficult for you to get a young boy to learn a trade for say 5,6,7 years before they are established. They prefer Okada business, yahoo yahoo, begging etc.

10 There are so many fake Proprietors of universities and Polytechnics in NIGERIA that are only interested in money and nothing else. They go to JAMB and bribe them to send these 10th rate poor students to them. They push and push them until they graduate and the vicious cycle continues. We have close to 200 Higher Institutions but how many of them are real higher institutions.

I am passionate about getting our Country to work again and that is the reason why I am challenging the young people of Nigeria. My father abused us for laziness and untoward behaviors to make us strong and dedicated. Our teachers in those days abused, flogged and and gave us pits to dig for failing to do our assignments. I know a father who went to pick his son in Navy school Abeokuta for holidays. When he got there and was told that the boy failed his exams the man turned his car and left for LAGOS without the boy. He did not return to pick that boy until after one week. It became a turning point in the life of that boy.


source: nai

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2 thoughts on ““Nnewi Guys Prefer Yahoo Yahoo” – Joe Igbokwe’s 10 Reasons Nigerian Youths Are Lazy

  1. Dear Joe Igbokwe,
    After reading through your post, I can see that you are also an illiterate Nnewi person that Nigeria has. Your thoughts are not well seasoned and said.
    The President talked about Nigerian youths’ laziness and you are publicly saying somebody riding okada is a lazy business, who left the good work that you allocated him for Okada riding or what?
    You stupidly said students of Unizik spend more time on the internet when should be in the classroom when the University is without lecturers, or lecturers are on strike for non-payment of salaries or allowances by your Federal Government led APC.
    You talked about non-involvement in trade, drugs peddlers and finally, in your hometown, Nnewi boys prefer Okada business, begging to working in Federal Government sacked ministries and fake institutions of learning in Nigeria that are fully recognized and accredited as the approved degree awarding Institutions.
    What different do you have from the President Buhari inimical statements? Nonentities, suffering from megalomania with this nonchalant talks to gain favors from the wrong persons.
    What have you done for Nnewi youths from your APC position in Lagos?

  2. I passionately agreed with the viewpoint of Joe Igbokue on the controversial notion that Nigerian youths are lazy and unprepared for serious mental engagement but the whole blames cannot be put on them as leaders who are supposed to be examples erred and wrongly set the precedents that resulted in the dysfunctional social equilibrium.How many of the leaders or people in exalted positions care about what goes on in public institutions where these youths are supposed to be raised and modeled into unique future leaders.Rather they promoted the proliferation of private schools ,charge fees and ensure that children from such schools are made to look superior to those that went to public schools.To balance this anomaly, children from public schools resorted to mending their social calling by employing vicious means to belong .there was price for dignity of labour and academic feats were rewarded then but now on the platter of money and other variables, schools award First Class degree with reckless abandon . Some children of those in position of power are already given job long before they become graduate whereas others would roam the streets for more than 10 years looking for decent job to no avail.something is seriously wrong with our social formulae and need a holistic review and restoration of the old order.Let the high and mighty in the society have the interest of the people who elected them into position of authority at heart and practise a welfarist governance.We should denounce greed and avarice in our leaders,de-emphasise materialism, equitable distribution of income and promotion of social security,massive job creation through the expansion of the economy.massive rural infrastructural development that helps trade openings in rural settings thus de-emphasising rural urban migration with the attendant problems of pollution,crime and high urban unemployment.Everyone must be made to patronise made-in -Nigeria goods and those industries noted for high labour employment such as Textile, automobile,construction haulage and processing plants should be rolled back to life.our economy should be export dependent rather than import dependent,thus sharply growing the GDP and foreign exchange earnings,the national currency becomes stronger and values for goods and services become better.Lets collectively move the country and move away from trading blames, we all know why things dont work, lets take the courage to make it work for once.Let the Government tax properties to sustain social reforms;caring for old and the infirm,restrict imports on food,clothes and luxury cars,set up research centers for medicine, engineering consumables and others.The government should regulate the economy under a strict watch of the interplay of the forces of demand and supply,government should not leave the entire operations of the economy in the hands of the private investors who are known for sharp practices for their selfish gains.

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