Pastor Celebrates His “Freedom” As He Resigns From RCCG, Exposes RCCG “Curse Sermon”

Not up till now, people are beginning

to learn the true color of Enoch Adeboye and his church, Redeemed Christain Church of God, RCCG. All thanks to OAP Daddy Freeze for opening the eyes of many Nigerians to the antics of this very untouchable pastors and GOs. Adeboye trended in bad light on social media few days ago as a video surfaced on net were he was advising his pastors to tell their congregation that if they don’t pay tithes, they will not make heaven.

However, A former pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God has resigned from the popular church and has granted interviews to celebrate his “freedom” and “expose” the things he says goes on in the church.

The Pastor, identified simply as pastor Wellington, went on air to accuse the church of being a franchise that makes money from members by putting fear in them and laying curses on them. He added that pastors are aware of this but are afraid to leave because the church has tied their properties to their membership and if they leave, they will lose everything.

Pastor Wellington called the prestigious RCCG a “Tower of Babel” and said, “it will take only God to pull down that Tower of Babel.”

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When he was informed that his video announcing his resignation had gone viral, Pastor Wellington said: .

“It is the Lord’s doing and it’s wonderful in our sight. Let it continue, let everybody hear it. I won’t hide my own identity. Other pastors in the Redeemed can continue to hide their own identity. I am free. That is the demonstration of my freedom.”

“So let the whole world hear what is happening within the RCCG. And I believe my testimony will be a good one, I mean, a help to all others that are in the system.

He went ahead to claim that the leader of the church was placing pastors under curses.

He said:

“I thank God that the word that I made mention of that they were putting us under curse has been confirmed through the video that you have been playing since Monday. And that even if one paid his tithe, he’s still under curse.”

Pastor Wellington also spoke about the different ways the church gets its income from members by collecting unending offerings and donations under different names.

He claimed that the African mission offering, which must be donated every first Sunday of each month, “goes directly to the pocket of pastor Foluke Adeboye, the wife of Adeboye.”


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He also claimed that RCCG is a franchise system of operation, where each parish belongs to each pastor and the pastors of each branch are expected to pay 70-75 per cent of their income to the headquarters of the church while they take the remaining for themselves. In order word, the church is loaning their brand to them in return for members’ money

“You are to run with the parish. Just give them their own portion. They’re borrowing you the logo and they’re borrowing you their members,” he claimed.

He added:

“That already has made many pastors to go into stealing because the 30 and 20 per cent that remains is not enough for them. So they have to lie, they have to cheat. They will do different kinds of things.”

He also alleged that pastors of RCCG have bought lands in Redemption camp using money made from their church. But if they dare leave the Redeemed Christian Church of God, they will lose all their properties in Redemption camp. He added that as a result of this, many pastors are aware of what goes on in the church but their hands are tied and they cannot come out for fear of losing all they have.

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He said:

“So what I did by leaving Redeemed Christian Church of God, many pastors in the Redeemed will not be able to do it. Many presently are hearing what you are saying but they cannot come out, because if they dare come out, they will lose everything that they’ve invested in the same system for many many years.

“So Redeemed is a Tower of Babel.”

OAP Freeze shared the video on YouTube to promote his Free The Sheeple movement. Watch the rest of the claims Pastor Wellington made in the video below.


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6 thoughts on “Pastor Celebrates His “Freedom” As He Resigns From RCCG, Exposes RCCG “Curse Sermon”


    WHOSO EVER CARE TO READ WHAT mal 3;5-10 say about tithe it said if you don’t pay tihte you are a thief and you are robing GOD Please can you rob God and expect to enter heaven no, SO PASTOR ADEBOYE IS CORRECT
    In MFM i attend we pay first fruit your first salary in the year and people are bless of and happy doing.
    Is not only in Nigeria people pay tax, if you are a Christian and you don’t pay tithe you are thief and you end in heal fire
    i THINK THIS PASTOR HAS PROBLEM WITH RCCG and he did not know the spiritual implication of what he is saying., those are use to develop church and the remaining percentage for church building.This i think HE IS A BABY PASTOR AND HE IS NOT CALLED.HAVE BEEN A PASTOR IN A CHURCH WHERE AM NOT PAID AS FULL TIME PASTOR WE REMIT ALL MONEY DO THAT MEAN THE G.O of my church is a thief and NOT CALLED.
    The problem with this pastor is that he has what we call root of bitternes, and anger in his mind. and not mature.
    Concerning the issue of land in camp is a choice and there is law laid down that if you build the house there.
    Whe it time for God to deal with some people who refuse to repent in there caracter, he allow them to make some error of immaturity. I want to say LEAVE DADDY FREEZE or whatever his name may be he will soon see what God is there is different between ORACLE and ORATOR, he is just and oracle.
    JUST wait a LITTLE IF GOD CALL ADEBOYE and is telling the truth, freeze will soon frezee away like other in the bible.
    We have seen like of them who has gone and this men og GOD are still standing is a matter of time.

  2. Wellington or whatever your name is? Did anybody forced you to join RCCG? So while you were there you were ipnotised? Now you’re ‘free’?

  3. Not every word that comes from a losers mouth, you take a second to consider. The message derived here is that he is just an unhappy man Who thought he would amass wealth being a pastor

  4. He should talk also about money sent to him to buy property for church in France, money dem no see property dem no see…let him also talk about that too..

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