SHAME!!: “I Found Out My He Has S!ept With 3 Of My Bridesmaids Few Days To Our Wedding”

Joro shared a yet shocking story of a bride-to-be who is currently

in a dilemma and needs advise from matured minds.

She revealed her fiance is from a rich family, and she has gotten gifts from his family… But the problem is he has slept with 3 of her bridesmaids..

Read her story below:
“This is concise as I’m too distraught to type. I’m meant to get married soon. My fiancee is from a rich family. His fam bought me a car, land amongst other things for wedding gift.”

“As at today I have millions in my account from wedding money as gift. He was dreamy to me. My all. But I’m in a quandary now. I don’t know if I should go ahead with the wedding. My family thinks I should. I realize people change when they see money.”

“I realize people change when they see money. My family doesn’t care about the cheating because they know I’ll be financially secure. Cutting the story short.”

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“I found out my fiancee has slept with 3 of my friends on my bridal train. I saw this in a text he was sending to his friends and bragging. I’m so ripped apart. I can’t eat or sleep.”

“I confronted him and I said I needed time to rethink. He has been crying. I love my girls but I’m not mad at them. Is it weird I’m mad at him alone. He sleep with them all while we were dating. Please public opinion matters.”

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2 thoughts on “SHAME!!: “I Found Out My He Has S!ept With 3 Of My Bridesmaids Few Days To Our Wedding”

  1. Hmmmmmm… firstly you must be very sure your accusations are true then you can walk away because he will still continue after getting married to you and then might be ur sister. Cousin and others by then might be difficult to quit…… Looking at it well, you are also after the family wealth…..which is another wrong reason that the marriage might last.
    Get out before its late

  2. Set your priority rihht. If it is the money you want , go for it but don’t expect any bliss in that marriage. Reason is you can hardly get both under the present cicumstance. Begore you take any decision at all, ensure you are right with the accusation. If it is true, I do ‘t see him changing soon.

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