“She’s Building House Without Informing Me, I Would Divorce Her, My Wife Is Callous”

After marrying a girl against my parents wishes,

for 6yrs with no child. I have never, cursed, abused or beaten her. I pay for two houses, one in Abuja and Lagos cos I work in Abuja. I provide for the home and pay her allowance and pay all utilities. She has a shop in Lagos.

I found out that she is building a house without informing me. I knew she did this cos she thought my family would chase her for her childlessness. I confronted her and she denied it for 7months. Only to own up after her pastor scolded her.

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She wanted me to give her 800k to roof the house which I obliged. I now tested her by telling her to lend me 20k to sort out a small issue, only for her to tell me she can’t afford to, in spite of a balance of over 200k in her account.

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I quietly left the house for my base in Abuja, she didn’t even escort me out of the bedroom. My relationship with her is over.

MEN, any woman you sacrifice for and she can’t do the same for you is not worth it.


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