V.P Osinbajo – Nigeria Will Change If We Obey God

Vice President of Nigeria,

Yemi Osinbajo has stated that Nigerians obedience to God is what will bring change to Nigeria.

Osinbajo further stated that the church has its role to play in nation building. Creativity, innovation and hard work, according to him are also vital instruments which the church needs to focus on to move the nation forward.

He made this remark during a special Sunday Service at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja.

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“It is the church that transforms everywhere. That creativity that God commanded us to do everywhere is what will change our nation. Our creativity, innovation and hard work, and this is a command. So if we obey God, our nation will change.

“There are many countries all over the world with huge resources and many other countries that have no resources. It is creativity that makes the difference,” he said.


source: nai

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One thought on “V.P Osinbajo – Nigeria Will Change If We Obey God

  1. In a world polarized by different religious beliefs, I find it funny when someone says that we should obey God. The person is ashamed of somebody. This is because I do not know the God referred to. There’s no unified belief system or word of this God known and generally accepted by all. I think it is time Christians talk boldly about Jesus wisdom specifically in public functions. We need to be specific and avoid the vague and “not-to-offend-them” kind of general statement we make. Other religions are proud of their Masters, but not so with Christians. We are very proud to refer to philosophers openly. Quoting them letter-perfect proves us intelligent before the eyes of men. If our religious leaders feel that the wisdom of Christ cannot lead this world to total freedom then there is no need “churching” around.

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