Wizkid Reveals Why There Is No Photo Of Him With Drake Online

In a recent interview with

HipTv, Wizkid was asked why there hasn’t been any official picture of himself with Drake, despite the pair featuring each other in their songs.

He Replied:

“Do you know how many people i hang out with on a daily basis that i don’t post the pictures? Do you know how many people that i know that i talk to and nobody even knows we’re friends.. There’s a lot of them. I don’t really care about pictures or other stuff, I’m more of my work.

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What does a picture have to prove? that we hangout or we chill? We do that so why should i have to post it. I’m not that kind of person, i’m more of the music and i care about my music, so just enjoy the music. That’s all i’m here to deliver to my people, Accept it.

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